• Slide Board Hockey Training

    Slide Board Hockey Training

    If you are looking for a great way to build endurance, power and speed than a slide board could be a great option for you to help aid your training. A slide board gives you a total body workout that not only focuses on your legs but your overall body movement. Many hockey players use this as a great tool to build strength and performance on the ice. In addition to on-ice hockey training, the slide board is a great way for someone to get in some extra training.

    The impact that a Slide Board has on your body is tremendous. Not only does it help with making your stride effortless and efficient but can significantly build the muscles in the legs and hip areas. It is a very low impact exercise which will help decrease the risk of injury during training and help promote the muscle and tissue in becoming stronger.

    Areas the Slide Board will target are your hamstrings, thighs and glutes, but will also increase and tone your abdominal muscles and help build strength around your core. It is a great tool to use, to develop a strong, powerful stride. You can also be imaginative with your training, and use the slide board to train your upper body with different movements that can be found on YouTube and other websites.

    Things we always want to remember before, during and after training are:

    – Proper Nutrition, to promote Strength, Endurance and Muscle Building

    – Stretching, so that our muscles do not become damaged

    – Rest, so that our muscles have time to recover


    About the Author,

    Ryan Fairbarn is a former professional hockey player, a Rochester Institute of Technology graduate, founder of RyanFairbarn.com and Co-owner of Swedishstickhandling.com. Also a Wellness Coach and Director of Marketing and Social Media at Ideal Weight- Total Well Coach.

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