• 2 vs 1 by Swedishstickhandling #1

    2 vs 1 by Swedishstickhandling #1

    Forward starts by going around the circle and taking a shot on the goalie. He continues to skate towards the boards and receives a pass from F2. F2 passes the puck, swings into the middle of the ice and continues to drive straight down the ice creating a 2 vs. 1. The defenseman goes around the circle, pivoting to face the forward the entire time. He then skates towards the boards, touches the boards with his stick and skates hard back across the ice, taking the 2 vs. 1 down ice.
    Key points: a) Defenseman must move feet quickly, get a good gap and keep the forward to the outside while maintain position on inside forward.
    b) Forwards must keep feet moving, take a quick shot and move quickly down ice trying to create a quick play to the net or delayed drop pass.

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