We are a company providing the best off-ice hockey training aid in the game.  Our ORIGINAL wood stickhandling ball provides benefits that no other ball can.  This ball was used originally by Swedish players to develop soft hands in an off-ice environment.  Eventually other countries saw the benefits and began training with the ball.  Soon it became a huge part in success with Russian and Finland hockey training and is now gaining ground across the world.  As North American coaches found out about our product, they tried to make do with a golf ball which compares in size but not in overall functionality.  Our ball does not bounce like a golf ball, which in turn helps training in different environments possible due to it’s ability to slide and move easily.

Our ORIGINAL Stickhandling ball is said to increase and develop a hockey players quick-twitch muscles by up to 25%.  It has been compared to other weighted balls which are used more for resistance training and develop slow-twitch muscles.  Our ball is made to develop speed in your hands.  With the game being as quick as it is today, no player has time to slow down.  Practicing with our ball for 10 minutes a day can increase a players hand speed and develop the hands needed to be highly competetive in today’s game.

Each Hockey Player should have a stickhandling ball both at home for practice and for the rink, to use as a warm up before each game and practice.  Trust in the experts, and use the SwedishStickhandling Ball to turn your hands into the hands you’ve always wanted.

Join us and experience what hockey players all over the world are now training with!